My winter bucket list 🎄❄️


Hello There

Now that it is December and I am in full Christmas mode, I thought it would be fun to post my winter bucket list on here. I started writing down seasonal bucket lists last year in my bullet journal and I’ve been really enjoying it, so it has become a habit for me (if you’re curious, here is my winter bucket list from last year). I have to admit that I already started doing things from my bucket list in November, but oh well, I guess it’s never too early to be excited about crossing items off your list. 😅

This winter, I want to:


  • bake Christmas cookies and/or a Christmas cake ✅
  • knit my own Christmas jumper
  • watch cheesy Christmas movies
  • reread a Harry Potter book


  • go Christmas shopping ✅
  • decorate the house for the holidays
  • watch The Rise of Skywalker (way too many times)
  • spend a weekend in London ✅


  • look at Christmas lights by night ✅
  • spend time with my loved ones
  • see Dear Evan Hansen live on West End ✅
  • dance to Christmas songs


  • learn to play the guitar
  • smell snow (if you get that reference, I love you)
  • read by the fire
  • pass my driving theory exam

That’s it for me today! Most things from my bucket list will probably be done by Christmas, considering how many are linked to it, but as we say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so I’m glad I have planned a few things for it!

Do you make seasonal bucket lists? What are you planning to do this winter (or summer if you live in the southern hemisphere)?

  • lots of love

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