A love letter to Fantastic Beasts

Dear Fantastic Beasts movie,

A year ago today, I went to the movie theater to watch you. I didn’t have any expectations. Not exactly. I had never been a fan of the additions to the Harry Potter franchise, and yet, I was curious of what they had done with the wizarding world.

I didn’t see time pass. I was speechless. I fell in love with you (and yes, I know I’m in love with about a hundred things, but you know what I mean). You brought me so much and you became the movie of my soul.

When you think about it for two seconds, you have everything I need to fall in love with a movie. You have magic, a historical setting, Eddie Redmayne, gorgeous cinematography and a soundtrack I still listen to, after a year. I’m not even sure I need more in a movie.

You made me discover all those amazing creatures the wizarding world has to offer, and I’m already looking forward to see more of them in the next movies. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be Pickett, but it’s no surprise… Newt Scamander is partial to this small cinnamon roll of a bowtruckle as well. You made me see the wizarding world in a new way: exploring beyond England, beyond Hogwarts, discovering new characters and a new society (I love the Roaring Twenties and their doubts about magic), and I left craving for more. I’m mad at you for having Johnny Depp, because it makes no sense to me, so I guess I’ll do my best to ignore him, because while I wouldn’t want to support him… There are other actors I want to support and they are in this movie (try to pretend you don’t know who I’m actually talking about)(I’m losing my train of thoughts here)(wait now I remember)

Most of all, you made me discover Newt Scamander. I had always been curious about him, because he saw the whole wide world and so many amazing creatures, because he must have been so interesting, because his grandson married Luna Lovegood aka my favourite character in the Harry Potter series. Then, I saw him for real, and I fell in love (yes, again, I told you I was in love with a hundred things, duh). He’s such a caring, selfless, generous wizard, he likes animals better than he likes humans, he’s adorably awkward, he’s a Hufflepuff, he’s not the guy you’d expect to be the hero, and yet, he saves the day. He’s one of these everyday heroes we can all aspire to be. Oh, and he’s portrayed by my favourite actor, which helps as well. I loved all of the characters, but Newt Scamander won my heart.

I wish I could find all the right words to express my love for you, but I’m not sure I can do it the right way. You brought me so much into my life and you probably have no idea.

I need to thank you. I remember going through one of the worst days of my life, then deciding to go rewatch you… And it calmed me down. It pulled me away from reality and I felt at home, walking alongside the characters in the streets of New York. You saved me. I know you’re a movie I can turn to when I feel like everything around me is crashing dow, when I’m sad, I know that you will always bring me happiness.

I’m already looking forward to rewatch you over and over again, just like I did in the past year (you’re one of the movies I saw the most in my entire life and it’s only been a year). More than that, I’m already looking forward to your sequels, even though I still have another year to wait. I’ll try to be patient, because I know it will be worth it.

Lots of love,

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